The grit and the grime and the smell of urine mixed with roasting almonds makes this city irresistible.  What are these columns of white smoke coming up from the street, you ask?  Well, the island of Manhattan is made up of many interesting things.  Rivers run under it, their are sunken ships that cannon balls destroyed to create the edge of it, Wall Street was once an ACTUAL Wall, but these columns are much easier to explain:  it is steam from boiling hot water that a manhole would ordinarily cover, were it not for the explosive, boiling hot water making steam.  That's right.  The city didn't used to put a wooden barrier around them.  But then too many drunk men got into fights sometime around the bursting of the internet bubble, and would push one drunk guy into one of the these columns, which, naturally, made for one-too-many deaths by a 100 foot fall into boiling water.  Lesson learned, said the city: GO AROUND!