Live from da Hood, we take you to Times Square as Disney invites Chille to make his BIG SCREEN debut LIVE!!!

Chille's call time is bright and early on a November morning in Times Square.

Disney Cast Members are already set to go and greet their love, Chille!

Legal goes over his release and Chille signs on the dotted line. This gives Disney the right to use his image in their promotional materials.

Disney sets the stage in the heart of Times Square across from their Disney Store! Hmm.... maybe there will be time for some shopping later!

There is a nice, warm tent on this crisp, autumn day.

A crowd begins to gather to watch Chille star in his first-ever billboard for Disney!

Chille smiles and blows kisses to his adoring fans...

The cameras and crew get ready. Chille will have ONE TAKE to nail the live shot!

The director explains that Chille will need to follow her directions closely. The animation is with Buzz Lightyear and will be added to Chille's shot live.

They ready his mark with a stand in teddy bear...

And Chille gets ready for his count live in 5,4,3,2,ROLLING!

Up on the giant Disney billboard in Times Square, Chille must be 50 feet tall!

Buzz Lightyear flies in...

Buzz lands right next to Chille and makes his mark...

Buzz uses his laser and Chille outsmarts him by ducking just in time!

But for Chille, it was just another ordinary day in an extraordinary city...

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Live from da Hood Chille’s NYC latest adventure takes us to the Disney Store’s Halloween Dress Rehearsal!!

Ah, Times Square in a city so nice they named it twice. Chille feels most at home surrounded by 8 million of his nearest and dearest...

The grit and the grime and the smell of urine mixed with roasting almonds makes this city irresistible. What are these columns of white smoke coming up from the street, you ask? Well, the island of Manhattan is made up of many interesting things. Rivers run under it, there are sunken ships that cannon balls destroyed to create the edge of it, Wall Street was once an ACTUAL Wall, but these columns are much easier to explain: it is steam from boiling hot water that a manhole would ordinarily cover, were it not for the explosive, boiling hot water making steam. That's right. The city didn't used to put a wooden barrier around them. But then too many drunk men got into fights sometime around the bursting of the internet bubble, and would push one drunk guy into one of these columns, which, naturally, made for one-too-many deaths by a 100 foot fall into boiling water. Lesson learned, said the city: GO AROUND!

Either Chille likes being a tourist in his own town, or his Mama likes the public bathrooms at the Times Square Visitors' Center. Either way, it is a cool place to pop into for a minute. They even have a restroom with a changing table that the kind people at the information desk will unlock for you. Good to know, right?!

While there, you can check out the actual ball that will drop live to bring in the New Year!

Sure, you can be distracted by the bright lights of the city, but Buzz Lightyear is on a mission!

To Infinity and beyond!

That's Right! To the Disney Store for a Magical Halloween Dress Rehearsal! Because isn't life just a dress rehearsal?

Upon entering the Disney Store, Chille AKA Buzz Lightyear, is excitedly greeted by Heath. Heath is not a Disney Store "employee". Heath is a Disney Store "Cast Member". Need the 411 on the Disney vernacular? No worries, I've got you covered. Try to follow along... Everyone who works there is a Cast Member and when they interact with your child, these Cast Members make the interaction the BEST 30 minutes of your child's day. No kidding. It IS the happiest place on earth for a reason! Fo shizzle!

The Times Square Disney Store is kinda the headquarters of all things SPEED. There is even a make-your-own car shop that Chille LOVES (and owns three already.) But don't you Princess Fans think that I've forgotten about you! There is an entire Disney Princess Castle on the 3rd floor! (More on that Disney Magical Vernacular floor counting later...)

Everywhere Chille turns, there is something new and magical to explore.

THAT Disney magic coupled with a genetic disposition to shop from his Mama has us hemming...

and hawing...

And finally deciding on a Reserve Your Copy Now of the DVD release of Cars 2 being released November 1! If you order your copy ahead of time, you get a DELUXE gift of a portfolio of authentic, 2011 Disney Store Lithographs from the movie PLUS a $10 Off coupon! Bam! Disney Magic! (BTW, in case you ARE following along, that is a Disney Cast Member helping Chille with his purchase at the Disney Box Office ;) *Big Sigh* I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried!

But that's not the only reason we are here! There's a rumor going around town (and in Time Out Kids New York Magazine) that there is a party on the 3rd floor! So we get on the escalator on the 1st floor which brings us UP ....

...past the bird's eye view of the 1st floor (still on the same escalator)

which, mathematically, would bring us to the NEXT floor following the First Floor which is....

The THIRD floor in Disney Store Vernacular. (Whew! Thanks for following along so closely, yes, you ALMOST got left behind.) I, personally, as Chille's Mama, think that SOMEDAY a Disney Cast Member who is a few pennies short on her till at the Disney Store Box Office will eventually be asked one-too-many times about IF there is another escalator to the third floor or if this is the second floor or if, perhaps, there is a Disney Magical Kingdom within a Quantum Physics-type existence that would make the second floor invisible to either non-Cast Members or to anyone, really, who can count. I suspect that this Disney Cast Member, who was already a few pennies shy at the Box Office, will quit their job of making our children have the best 30 minutes of their day and go and work at a more appropriate place, like the Post Office or the DMV. Jus sayin'...

And the Disney Store Third Floor has even MORE awesome ways to hem and haw or single-handedly do your part to stoke the economy! Or make-your-own car or visit the Princess Castle!

AND as though you don't already have a million reasons to go to the Times Square Disney Store, they ACTUALLY CARRY ADULT COSTUMES for Halloween that DEFY the Slut-ifying of American Halloween Costumes for women! (*Note to Robert Iger: I know that "slut-ifying" is NOT a Disney vernacular, but rather, is the vernacular of this one, specific Mommy-blogger only. PUH-LEASE don't make me give up Chille's stock as a shareholder in your company.)

So, with a salute to all things Buzz Lightyear, the Halloween Dress Rehearsal can commence!

and a crowd begins to gather...

And Buzz Lightyear says "No Pictures!" to the paparazzi (paparazzo, really) as the excitement begins to build!

Cast Members direct all the Princesses and Toys and Superheroes under the Princess Canopy for some fun games and prizes.

And the Cast Members lead the children in games like Snow White (Enter THAT into your Disney Store Vernacular Google Translator and you will get Simon Says, no need to thank me ;)

and games like "Who am I?!" where they gives clues and then the Disney Magic Wall shows them who was correct!

So all the Princesses and Toys and Superheroes settled down to view an EXCLUSIVE video clip!

On October 3, 2011 at the REAL Kensington Palace in London, the 10th Disney Princess was officially crowned! And everyone at the Disney Store got to see the footage of Rapunzel's Coronation. Jealous, much?

So how did all this Disney fun culminate?

With a Disney Store Imagination Parade!!!!! The Disney Parade song (complete with video fireworks) was piped through the store as they followed the pixie dust parade route to lots of clapping along and, well, that Disney Magic that produces what I like to call the Disney Smile!

As Disney Cast Members handed out lots of free games and collectibles, the children bid their farewells.

And as we take the escalator from the third floor down to the first floor, I kinda get that Mama Disney feeling inside me... You know the one. Where I see a sign like this and privately, to myself, think "No, thank YOU!!!" cause I kinda get teared up inside every time I see that Disney Smile on my son...

But for Chille? It's just another ordinary day in an extraordinary city...

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