Earlier this year, I was named the Executive Director of the World Network for Children(WNC) and in May, we successfully launched Chille’s Cardiac Campaign to raise awareness for the number one birth defect in the world:  Congenital Heart Defects.  Since that time, I have been busy at work trying to provide solutions to horrible problems that affect the children of the world.  In a meeting at UNICEF, I was told that what children needed most was INNOVATIVE ideas and solutions.  This became the mission of the WNC and since then, I have travelled the world and visited children and homes.  At each place I encountered, I asked the same question “What do you NEED?”  Sometimes, I would hear requests for doctors or medicine, sometimes I would hear requests for clean water or basic food beyond rice.  And then others would request things that were much easier to fix.  If only someone knew.  Since my PERSONAL blog here has over 100,000 subscribers, most of you MOMMIES, I thought I would bring their requests DIRECTLY to you.  Likewise, here are two of my most recent trips and their requests and the bank details of the children orphanages I visited.  PLEASE listen to their requests and then dig deep into your pockets or reach out on Facebook to your friends.  Sometimes, all it takes is a 5 minute conversation with someone you may know in the vitamin industry.  Without fail, however, these places need cash.  HARD CORE CASH.  Please check out my photos and see their smiling faces and ask yourself:  Do you have 5 minutes and $20 to help a kid DIRECTLY?

I have found that the world over, every one loves a football! Whether a refugee camp in Afghanistan or an orphanage in Trinidad and Tobago, bringing a gift of footballs is ALWAYS welcomed. Here, I stop in at our supply shop to gather gifts for the orphans in Grenada.

Little babies are often left alone in their cribs with very little to progress their development. Rarely does any money ever go to toys for babies less than one year of age, so these are things that I try to bring with me when I visit an orphanage. I never arrive empty handed, no matter how often I visit, and I always purchase candies to hand out upon my arrival. Children LOVE lollies of all kinds and little containers of bubbles. Older children LOVE bags of chips.

An old USAID supply bag being reused for shelter is a common clue that I am getting closer to the orphanage.

An old USAID supply bag being reused for shelter is a common clue that I am getting closer to the orphanage.

Throughout most of the world, the cost between an education and not is the price of an uniform. Ranging anywhere from $10-40 USD, this is the number one hinderance to keeping kids in school. If their parents cannot afford a uniform, they cannot attend. Welcoming us to the Bel Air Home for Children and Adolescents in Grenada, West Indies, is this beautiful little girl, a resident of the orphanage. She is wearing her school uniform and her hair is kept in bright red ribbons. This is the best sign that THIS orphanage is doing their best against great odds!

Whenever I visit orphanages, there are two things I like to do. The first is holding babies. I could hold a baby all day!

The second thing I LOVE to do is to sit on the floor and sing songs with the older kids.

But I am here on a fact-finding mission. I asked the director of this beautiful orphanage what it was that they needed most. They didn't have any toys or school books. They had very little food. So her answer surprised me. Her reply? Vitamins. Even a bottle of 30 vitamins only lasts for one day when you have 35 children. They need vitamins. I have 100,000 mommy-subscribers who care. Can't you PLEASE send some vitamins to this orphanage? Please mail gifts to: BEL AIR CHILDREN'S AND ADOLESCENTS HOME/ CALLISTE, ST. GEORGE'S/GRENADA, WEST INDIES

If you would prefer to wire some money directly to this orphanage, I hope you will take the time to do so immediately. HERE ARE THE BANK DETAILS:



ACCOUNT NO: 52002609



In Jamaica, we visited a wonderful orphanage for children aged 7-17. We fell in love with them! Holding Chille is Shawnna. She's 14 years old and plans to study law at university some day in the near future.

When I asked Ms. Woodit, who is runs the home, what she needed, her reply left me stunned. "Food." She said. Isn't it AMAZING that we can go about our days and categorize them as 'good or bad' when there are hundreds of millions of children that go without even one bowl of rice each day? And look at their smiling faces! No matter where I go in the world, I am met with hugs and kisses and smiling faces. When you ask them "Did you eat today?" It is as if it is the furthest thing from their mind.

Every government is different. In Jamaica, the orphanage is taxed a fee to receive boxes and shipments of things. They had 4 barrels sitting on the wharf for months until we came along to pay their release. So they won't benefit from you sending them packages. This orphanage receives NO funding at all from their government and subsists on rice and water. The children LITERALLY do not have any food to eat. I met with the woman who ran the orphanage, I spoke with the children, I looked in every cupboard. They have NO FOOD. Please consider sending cash in the form of Western Union to this home in Jamaica.

To send money via Western Union so that Ms. Woodit can buy the children some food, please use these details:





TEL: +1 876 853 1034

+1 876 956 4020