trythisAn accomplished marathoner and triathlete, Ali Bergstrom has criss-crossed the country competing in mainstream sports on an elite level despite her diagnosis of a severe form of Rheumatoid Arthritis. Featured in a documentary for Nike called Human Potential and the subject of another documentary for USA Track and Field called The Long Road, Ali is used to living her life in the public spotlight, even having her pregnancy and birth experience filmed for the popular TLC show Bringing Home Baby.  A Juilliard-trained musician, Ali was born and bred in the Midwest and has lived in NYC for over 12 years. Ali is currently writing a book about a mother’s journey through congenital heart defects.

webchilleAli’s son, Chille, was born in Manhattan and has traversed the globe many times by the age of 4. Chille is fluent in Mandarin and English and hopes to catch up with his Arabic.  Some of his favorite past times include all things iPad related, dinosaurs, racing cars and trains. Chille’s love of life probably stems from the fact that it hasn’t been an easy road for him. Having spent much of his life living in the hospital, Chille has endured two open heart surgeries and is kept alive via a Medtronic Dual-Chamber Pacemaker. A lifetime of surgeries ahead of him, he makes the most out of each day and can be found running and laughing and loving food from all ethnicities.

Their adventures  hope to inspire parents & kids everywhere to step outside their comfort zones while opening families up to new experiences, whether that be in your own community or traveling a large distance.  Enjoy following their life as they experience just another ordinary day in an extraordinary city.


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Photo of Ali Bergstrom   by:  Kevin Sudeith  used with permission

Photo of Chille   by:  Crista Earl  used with permission